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Thank you for your interest in the company "Umirs", our services and products.

Our company has been successfully working at the market of security facilities since 1994. The activities of the company "Umirs" is aimed at solving the problems of security of open areas, extended perimeters, premises and buildings.

For detection, trajectory tracking and neutralization of the UAV the radar means of protection series “Radescan” were developed.

"Radescan-Antidron" is successfully used to protect various objects from low-flying, small-sized UAVs.

Our priority is to create high-quality products that meet actual needs of the market. The “Yumirs” company has high scientific and production potential, rich practical experience and uses modern technologies.

All these allow us to develop and serially produce the equipment that has no parallel in the world.

Our products effectively solve specific problems of the various objects perimeter security. The company has a certified quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO-9001, which provide control of the products and services quality.

Now the production program includes more than sixty products. The company "Umirs" focuses on continuous improvement of manufacture technologies and the product quality. The main goal of such improvement is to achieve maximum production efficiency.

Technology "TRACKVIZOR" - Radar Detection of Targets

Mobile complex for detecting trajectory tracking and ground and surface targets identificating.

UAV Detection and Neutralization System Radescan Antidron

The complex is intended for detection of moving low-flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in coverage sector, determination of flight path parameters of detected objects in real-time mode, automatic «tracking» of selected target, transfer of target information to the operator's automated workstation (AWS), as well as suppression of UAV control and navigation radio channels.

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